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Customized Import assistance from China

We provide our knowledge of the Chinese market to help businesses source reliable suppliers, purchase new products or sell their products in China.

We offer our customers targeted and customized import assistance, whether they are a well-established company that already has ties with China or a company venturing into the market of sales/buying for the first time there.


1. Sourcing Suppliers

Often, after a seemingly smooth first contact, managing Chinese suppliers soon becomes one of the most challenging aspects for many companies.

Buying from China, unfortunately, frequently results in huge efforts and little results. With years of experience in the Far East, and thanks to our team of bilingual professionals, we help you streamline the purchasing process by offering a complete relations management with suppliers, helping you in daily communications, specific requests and best market value prices right up to handling orders.

Giving the supplier priority is a strategy: it means guaranteeing the supply chain, resulting in customer satisfaction.


2. Product sourcing and price negotiation

Thanks to Alibaba and other search engines, it’s never been easier to reach out to Chinese suppliers. However, the challenge is really knowing who is on the other side of the screen: are they reliable? Do they exist? Can they truly supply the materials with the correct characteristics and quality?

At Easy China, not only do we have a portfolio of reliable and tested Chinese suppliers with whom we’ve been collaborating for years but we also make our team of buyers available to customers to personalize your research and requests.

By communicating in Chinese and having direct experience in China, we are able to carry out objective and systematic assessments of suppliers and their production capacity (further to checking licences and certifications where necessary).

Our research spans over several sectors: machinery, technical components, garden ware, exposition materials, shopping bags, organizers, sports accessories etc.)


3. Importing and Reselling

Once the right supplier and product has been selected, we assist in conveying all the necessary technical information for product personalization so production can proceed and samples can be received on which the import order will be based.

4. Sample management and product customization

When the reference sample has been approved, we independently handle order confirmation and production, communicating periodically with the supplier and state of the work process.

In doing so, we can keep an eye on timelines and anticipate any problems that could arise, intervening promptly to avoid delays or misunderstandings.


5. On-site Factory visits for production control

If you wish to personally verify your product’s production progress, the quality of the product or simply assess the working environment of your Chinese supplier, Easy China can organize site visits with you, as and when, with all the information you need.

6. Factory and production audits via third parties

If, on the other hand, you are importing on behalf of third parties or if you are distributing on a large scale and need third parties that certify the product production in terms of quality and standards who release specific documentation on your order, we can organize audits and direct checks via specialized bodies such as TUV and SGS.

7. Logistic import management

Once your order is ready for shipping, Easy China finds the best, competitive solutions to import your product.

We take care of importation logistics, necessary documentation and communications between the supplier’s carrier and customs. We handle custom clearance to the safe arrival of your goods to their warehouse destination.


Canton Trade Show (one of the major Trade Shows in China):


Phase 1: Electrical and electronic products, building materials, industrial products, etc.

Phase 2: Household items, ceramics, consumer goods, home decor, gifts, toys, cosmetics and furniture, etc.

Phase 3: Clothing, footwear, bags and food, medicine, etc.

Location: Guangzhou, China – No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road

Obligatory Visa: Yes.

Airport: Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport or Hong Kong International Airport


Chinese products are all low quality?

For years now, China is no longer synonymous with low quality, on the contrary, it’s leading the way in advanced technology, innovation and cutting-edge techniques.

Deciding on what to import and at what level of manufacturing quality is now a decision purely in the hands of the customer, who, once inside the Chinese market has various levels of quality at their disposition. As with anywhere in the world, different requirements correlate to different price margins. These results are due to a commitment to all aspects of production pledged by the Chinese government: training qualified personnel, acquiring skills, investing in technological machinery and last but not least, the development of sustainable infrastructures with low environmental impact (contrary to what is commonly believed and written about China and pollution).

All these points form part of the Chinese initiative called “MADE IN CHINA 2025”, a vision to shift the image of China from being the factory of the world (low quality large quantity) to products of value and services” by 2025. In short, China has never been so close to Western concepts of echo-sense and quality, worker’s rights and salary etc. If you’re still not convinced that China is a big player in vanguard technology, just think of all the top brands used daily (including Apple) strictly produced in China The manufacturing industry as a whole has made tremendous progress in recent decades.

Of course, a final product of high quality also relies on adequate communication with Chinese suppliers which is where EasyChina, with a bilingual team (Italian and Chinese) of experts in the field, Chinese culture and economy come in. We help you select the right supplier and convey all the correct information of the articles to be produced to avoid any errors literally “lost in translation” resulting in a product that is either below standard or requirement.

Importing from China: what do I have to consider?


Although it’s understandable that many companies feel confident enough to source a supplier effortlessly via the countless accessible platforms, not all of them succeed in following through after this initial step in a secure and profitable way. Finding the right supplier isn’t just about finding the best price available but rather knowing how to communicate with a culture that is completely different.

One must be able to clearly convey requests, expectations and characteristics of the product but above all one must be able to recognize the supplier’s reliability, work ethic and compliance with al, the necessary certifications required for custom clearance of the goods to be imported, without them the goods are detained definitively causing considerable ECONOMIC DAMAGES: To avoid this, we strongly recommend relying on a company that, like EasyChina, boasts a deep knowledge of the economic and bureaucratic system in China.

Using a third party company therefore, isn’t a waste of money, on the contrary, it’s a good investment. We like to think of it as like having an internal purchasing office to turn to (and invest in) only when necessary.


As already mentioned, companies like ours not only help you find the supplier that offers the right product and the best market value, but thanks to the profound understanding of the Chinese market they also help you to evaluate the reliability of the supplier, their actual presence on the territory and most importantly, the verification of all the certifications necessary for the importation of the product to Italy or Europe.

We cannot stress enough that without certifications and compliance with EU standards your goods will be blocked at customs and in some cases, risk criminal prosecution.


Once the supplier has been chosen and after confirming any sample items, the nest step is show to import your product. Importation of containers or large quantities is not as straight forward as single (or a small number of) goods on Aliexpress.

When importing for business, companies must deal with: DUTY, CUSTOMS CHARGES, BILL OF LADING, TRANSPORTATION INSURANCE, FREIGHT, TRANSPORT, POSSIBLE HOLDING CHARGES etc. Almost every product from non-EU countries are subject to duties; as each product is assigned its own product code which is registered on the Customs and Monopolies Agency website (TARIC INDEX) and indicates the percentage of cost (= duty) that must be calculated based on the Bill of Lading and shipping costs (these duties cannot be discharged as VAT).

For several years now an ANTI-DUMPING law has been introduced on imports considered harmful to the national economy.

Producing your product in China: the right product with the right quality.

As already mentioned previously, manufacturing your product in China doesn’t stop at finding a supplier who offers the best deal. Once the right supplier has been sourced, the real work begins. A job that involves constant communication, dialogue and verifications that are far from simple considering the language barrier, cultural differences and time zone.

This is why we always advise customers to turn to companies in the sector such as Easy China who can guide you and act on your behalf. Companies like ours can support/replace you in:

Sourcing a reliable Chinese supplier

Communicate the products specifications

Verify licenses and certifications/help you get the right certifications

Personal on-site inspection of the Chinese factory, verification of its existence, work ethics and productivity.

Monitor the entire production cycle: from receiving samples to production, to shipping until arrival of the final product in your warehouse.

Why should I pay someone if I can just use Alibaba?

For the exact same problems reported so far. The process of manufacturing and importing products doesn’t stop at finding a supplier. Easy China works on a solid foundation of years of experience and collaborates with certified, qualified and consolidated Chinese suppliers.

An investment that may seem unnecessary at first, could prove profitable once your goods are received after a smooth transition at customs with no problems relating to quality problems or missed deliveries.

Can Easy China just take care of my shipping?

In light of what has been highlighted so far, it’s quite difficult to just take care of the shipping service alone. Transporting and importing goods is the final stage of a long process that involves solid groundwork. If the initial research and construction work isn’t carried out properly it could all prove to be a real problem when it comes to transportation.

For example: if the right certifications are lacking the goods would be blocked at customs and Easy China wouldn’t be able to answer for them as they hadn’t been part of any previous chain of communication.

Does Easy China handle any type of product?
No, for a question of product sectors, Easy China doesn’t handle Food & Beverage, cleaning products or skin care products.
I don’t have a company; can I use Easy China?
For fiscal reasons we only work with those who have a VAT number/Tax code.
Can Easy China help me buy a product on Aliexpress?
We generally work with large quantities, precisely because we deal with product production and development and not just buying and selling.

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