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Import Machinery and Production Plants from China

We provide our knowledge of the Chinese market to help companies purchase machinery and equipment from China.

We offer a targeted and customized import assistance for our customers, whether you are a well-established enterprise that already collaborates with the Far-East or a company looking to venture into buying in China for the first time.

Our team, made up of Chinese technicians and bilingual interlocutors, work under the constant supervision and direction of our Italian technicians, guaranteeing results in fill compliance with our customers’ needs and expectations.


Which Machinery to Import from China?

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We offer support and advice in the purchase of various types of industrial/technical machinery:


Plastic extrusion systems (twin-screw, co-extrusion, panel/sheet, profiles, carpets, synthetic grass, cable coating)


Injection moulds


Machine tools


Packaging machinery




Fork lifters


Mask production plants


Disposable tableware production plants


Laser machines


Specialized suppliers

Our suppliers for this sector mostly work in areas of China renowned primarily for the production for of plants and machinery such as: Shandong (major site), Zhejiang and Jiangsu.

In addition, if you need to get to know the suppliers and understand their production, technical capabilities and discuss them in person, we can arrange a meeting and organize and on-site trip and translation.

Obviously these kinds of plants and machinery come with safety standards and directives which we verify on your behalf, from CE to ISO and RoHS.

Major Trade Shows for machinery in China:

Trade Show in Canton (Phase 1)

The first phase concerns machinery and plant suppliers.

Location: Guangzhou, Cina
No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou

Visa Required: Yes

Airport: Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport or Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong Trade and Development
Council Fair (HKTDC)

Location: Hong Kong S.A.R
1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai

Visa Required: Yes

Airport: Hong Kong International Airport

Frequently Asked Questions

Spare parts and warranty
Many Chinese machinery and plant manufactures offer warranties and spare parts (shipping costs not included) for up to two years from date of purchase.

Generally, warranties and spare parts are discussed during the initial buying phase according to the customer’s needs.

Installation, assistance and maintenance
Some Chinese machinery and plant suppliers do offer an installation service which is discussed during the initial buying phase and therefore included in the negotiated price.

If the brand in question doesn’t have a support office in Europe, the parent company offers the possibility to send over a specialized technician from China.

Functional testing and quality control
It’s essential to verify that a machine or plant is fully functional and compliant with quality/safety requirements before shipping.

Checks are not limited to a visual inspection of components but generally the machine (or plant) is engaged and activated for several production cycles to establish that there are no operational issues.

If any malfunctions arise, the supplier can intervene promptly on site, adjusting where necessary before the shipment departs.

Who is in charge of communication with the Chinese supplier?
Buying machinery in China with the exact parameters and technical characteristics means first of all knowing how to communicate with the Chinese people and understanding the culture. If excellent communication skills are not a strong point, the final result will be below expected standards.

Our company provides a team of bilingual staff (Italian-Chinese) located in both Italy and China who act on our customer’s behalf: transferring customer requests and questions on daily basis and following the progress of the work step by step.

Once the machinery is ready, who takes care of the shipment?
The machinery (or plant) will be delivered to your turnkey company.

Once everything is ready for departure in China, we handle all the logistics, transport, duties and customs so you can rest at ease.

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