Knowledge and professional insight

Easy China provides our knowledge of the Chinese market to help Italian companies in communications and management of their business with China. We offer our clients a targeted and customized b2b import-export experience, whether you are a well-established company already collaborating with China and the Far-East or wishing to venture into the buying or selling market experience in China for the first time. We are fully aware that working with the Chinese market may seem daunting to many, which is why our services will give you and your company a customer experience that will live up to expectations.

Business China

Easy China: your gateway to China

Easy China was founded as a brokerage and management company of commercial relationships between Italy and China.

Our team, led by its CEO, all have backgrounds in Chinese language and culture study as well as Hi-tech and Technological Industry sectors…

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Import China

Import Export China

We provide our knowledge of the Chinese market to help businesses source reliable suppliers...

Chinese moulds

Chinese moulds

In China, a mould can be produced in less than 30 days, at a third of the cost compared to Italy...

Machinery from China

Machinery from China

We provide our knowledge of the Chinese market to help companies purchase machinery and equipment from China...