Plastic material moulds production

Mould production for plastic materials

We are aware that corporate speed is ever tightening and the necessity for many companies to contain costs whilst maintaining high quality is a challenge. Therefore, we decided to focus the production of moulds for plastic materials in China where time and costs are a strong point.

In China, a mould can be produced in less than 30 days, at a third of the cost compared to Italy.

We provide our customers with our ten-year strong collaboration with companies that are leaders in the field of mould production for plastic materials and injection moulds.














Precision mechanics



Product engineering

We are capable of completely engineering your product, verifying and optimizing during the engineering phase, all aspects related to functionality and production.
To do this we use mechanical design software such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks e Mouldflow.

Our Technical director will support and guide you in every step of the project, from the design and technical-functional specifications to the 3D project’s conclusion.


Moulds Production

Our team: headed by Gianni Padrin (please see our about us page), a professional who has been working in the construction of injection moulds for over 30 years, Chinese technicians and bilingual interlocutors. This team allows us, on the one hand to guarantee Italian management of mould production quality and on the other, to ensure production speed and low costs for the customer.

Our department for mould construction for plastic materials use state of the art production machinery, wire erosion and 5-axis milling machines. Thanks to this and our collaborators competence, we are able to be highly precise in processing steel for even the most complex uses.

For years now, China is no longer synonymous with poor quality materials, on the contrary it is increasingly characterized by advanced technology and cutting edge techniques that ensure our customers will be more than satisfied with our mould production.

Our suppliers for this sector mostly work in areas of China renowned primarily for mould production for plastic materials such as: Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangdong

Importation of Moulds

Once mould production is complete, we personally handle all the logistics and shipping to deliver directly to your company, or, if necessary, to our workshops to finish off the moulding phase of the pieces.

Our clients won’t have to deal with transport or custom chores but will receive the products direct-to-warehouse.


Forming Plastic Materials

(In Italy and China)

As a complimentary service for those who don’t have a press fleet at their disposition, we handle the moulding process on behalf of our customers.

Our core business is the production of small, medium, large and even complex plastic technical items.

We have in both China and Italy injection presses ranging from 20 to 1500 tonnes for moulding all types of thermoplastic materials.

Please visit our Gallery to view some of our injection moulds and products.

Major Trade Shows for Moulds for Plastic Materials in China:


  • Location: Guangzhou, Cina
  • Obligatory Visa: Yes
  • Nearest Airport: Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport or Hong Kong International Airport
  • Address: No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou

Die & Mould China

  • Location: Shanghai, Cina
  • Obligatory Visa: Yes
  • Nearest Airports: International Airport of Shanghai-Pudong or International Airport of Shanghai-Hongqiao
  • Address: No.335 Huaxu Rd. Qingpu District



1Can China produce quality moulds?
China is no longer synonymous with low quality, on the contrary, it’s leading the way in advanced technology, innovation and cutting-edge techniques. Deciding on what to import and at what level of manufacturing quality is now a decision purely in the hands of the customer, who, once inside the Chinese market has various levels of quality at their disposition. As with anywhere in the world, different requirements correlate to different price margins. These results are due to a commitment to all aspects of production pledged by the Chinese government: training qualified personnel, acquiring skills, investing in technological machinery and last but not least, the development of sustainable infrastructures with low environmental impact (contrary to what is commonly believed and written about China and pollution). All these points form part of the Chinese initiative called “MADE IN CHINA 2025”, a vision to shift the image of China from being the factory of the world (low quality large quantity) to products of value and services” by 2025 including eco-sense and quality, worker’s rights and salary etc. In short, China has never been so close to Western concepts. If you’re still not convinced that China is a big player in avant-garde technology, just think of all the luxury items or top brands used daily (including Apple) produced in China The manufacturing industry as a whole has made enormous progress in recent decades. Of course, having a top quality mould also means solid communication with the Chinese counterpart, which is why at Easy China provide our technicians and a team of bilingual staff (Italian and Chinese) who collaborated closely with the Chinese production. We personally make regular trips to visit Chinese factories to ensure that everything is working according to our customer’s requests and required standards of quality, Obviously, quality standards correlate to a certain price so the final decision remains in the hands of the customer.
2What benefits would my company have by producing in China?
China still proves to be more convenient compared to Italy in terms of costs and timescale. A mould can be produced in less than 30 days and can cost a third of the price than it would to produce in Italy. Many companies are wary of having their mould produced in China as there are still many preconceptions and prejudices concerning the quality of products produced in China. On the other hand, many companies are concerned about the logistical aspects and management of having a mould produced in China. Please do read the following FAQ’s that hopefully clarify any doubts you may have. For further information or questions, we are always available to answer you so don’ hesitate to contact us.
3Who will oversee the technical-functional requests of my mould?
Our Italian technical director (based in Italy) will support through every step of the project. Together, you’ll be able to define and design the technical-functional of the piece right up to the conclusion of the 3D project of the product and the mould. Gianni Padrin has been working in the mould production sector for over 30 years. He has worked and collaborated with major brands over various product sectors and today, in addition to collaborating with Easy China, he’s the technical manager for and important stock company.
4Communication with the Chinese Team.
Once the 3D project is completed, the communication phase, including all your requests, with the factory in China begins. Having an injection mould produced in China means, first of all, knowing how to communicate with the Chinese people and to comprehend the culture. Just like in Italy, a lack of communication leads to poor results. Easy China provides a team of bilingual staff (Italian and Chinese) located between Italy and China who transfer and handle customer requests on a daily basis, following the progress of the production and reporting back to the customer.
5Who oversees the mould production also ensures the work is being done according to all the required standards?
The Chinese technicians are assisted by and in close contact with our Italia technicians at all times. Our team, together with our technical director, regularly visit tour collaborators in China to make sure that the production is proceeding according to the customers’ requests and required quality standards. Easy China’s experience is based on years of collaboration with certified, qualified and consolidated Chinese suppliers, leading companies in technical design and production of moulds for plastic materials and injection moulding.
6Do you have moulding machines? Can I have my pieces manufactured in Italy?
Yes, we have moulding machines in both Italy and China. We have injection presses from 20 to 1500 tonnes for the moulding of any kind of thermoplastic material.
7When producing a mould in China, what are my GUARANTEES for any eventual problems post-sale?
It’s essential to verify that an injection mould is functional before shipping. The supplier doesn’t just visually inspect the mould, it is placed in the press and tested via a few production cycles to ensure that there are no functional problems. This way the production line is able to intervene on site, if necessary, before departure. If, however, once in Italy the injection mould should present any problems, we guarantee complete after-sales assistance. We have mechanical workshops and all the tools necessary for your mould if needed. Just as if you were producing your mould in Italy
8Once the mould is produced, who handles the shipment?
Clearly the mould will be delivered to your turnkey company. When the shipment is ready for departure we take care of the logistics, transport, duties and customs so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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