China import and distribution

Supplies for organized distribution

Thanks to our long term experience in Asian countries, with particular focus on the Chinese market, we decided to select and curate for our customers a range of products managed and imported by us from: wholesalers, retail chains and manufacturers. We are specialized in the supply of no-food items particularly in the following sectors:


We use our consolidated partnerships with Chinese and Asian suppliers, selected and tested over the years, thanks to whom we are able to satisfy specific requests from various outlets, from retail to wholesale.

Our strengths:
An in-depth and sectoral knowledge of selected products
Directly from the manufacturer without brokerage costs
Shipping and delivery managed directly to the client’s location
Complete customization and maximum flexibility



1Chinese products are all low quality
For years now, China is no longer synonymous with low quality, on the contrary, it’s leading the way in advanced technology, innovation and cutting-edge techniques. Deciding on what to import and at what level of manufacturing quality is now a decision purely in the hands of the customer, who, once inside the Chinese market has various levels of quality at their disposition. As with anywhere in the world, different requirements correlate to different price margins. These results are due to a commitment to all aspects of production pledged by the Chinese government: training qualified personnel, acquiring skills, investing in technological machinery and last but not least, the development of sustainable infrastructures with low environmental impact (contrary to what is commonly believed and written about China and pollution). All these points form part of the Chinese initiative called “MADE IN CHINA 2025”, a vision to shift the image of China from being the factory of the world (low quality large quantity) to products of value and services” by 2025. In short, China has never been so close to Western concepts of eco-sense and quality, worker’s rights and salary etc. If you’re still not convinced that China is a big player in avant-garde technology, just think of all the top brands used daily (including Apple) strictly produced in China The manufacturing industry as a whole has made tremendous progress in recent decades. Of course, a final product of high quality also relies on adequate communication with Chinese suppliers which is where EasyChina, with a bilingual team (Italian and Chinese) of experts in the field, Chinese culture and economy come in. We help you select the right supplier and convey all the correct information of the articles to be produced to avoid any errors literally “lost in translation” resulting in a product that is either below standard or requirement.
2Producing your product in China: the right product with the right QUALITY.
As already mentioned previously, manufacturing your product in China doesn’t stop at finding a supplier who offers the best deal. Once the right supplier has been sourced, the real work begins. A job that involves constant communication, dialogue and verifications that are far from simple considering the language barrier, cultural differences and time zone. This is why we always advise customers to turn to companies in the sector such as Easy China who can guide you and act on your behalf. Companies like ours can support/replace you in:
• Sourcing a reliable Chinese supplier
• Communicate the products specifications
• Verify licenses and certifications/help you get the right certifications
• Personal on-site inspection of the Chinese factory, verification of its existence, work ethics and productivity.
• Monitor the entire production cycle: from receiving samples to production, to shipping until arrival of the final product in your warehouse.
3Why should I pay someone if I can just use Alibaba?
For the exact same problems reported so far. The process of manufacturing and importing products doesn’t stop at finding a supplier. Easy China works on a solid foundation of years of experience and collaborates with certified, qualified and consolidated Chinese suppliers. An investment that may seem unnecessary at first, could prove profitable once your goods are received after a smooth transition at customs with no problems relating to quality problems or missed deliveries.
4Can Easy China just take care of my shipping?
In light of what has been highlighted so far, it’s quite difficult to just take care of the shipping service alone. Transporting and importing goods is the final stage of a long process that involves solid groundwork. If the initial research and construction work isn’t carried out properly it could all prove to be a real problem when it comes to transportation. For example: if the right certifications are lacking the goods would be blocked at customs and Easy China wouldn’t be able to answer for them as they hadn’t been part of any previous chain of communication.
5Does Easy China handle any type of product?
No, for a question of product sectors, Easy China doesn’t handle Food & Beverage, cleaning products or skin care products.
6Easy China può aiutarmi a comprare un prodotto su Aliexpress?
No, per questione di settori merceologici non ci occupiamo di Food&Beverage e di prodotti per la pulizia e cura della pelle.
7I don’t have a company; can I use Easy China?
For fiscal reasons we only work with those who have a VAT number/Tax code.

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