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Easy China:
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Easy China was created by Michela Bronzatti with a vision to share her knowledge of Chinese culture and society with customers.

Michela’s formative study of Chinese language and civilization saw her moving to China and working there for over ten years where she specialized in import/export and intermediating between Italy and China.

This experience allowed her to work hands on with the Chinese market and its complexities, developing a strong ability to manage relationships, understand best market value and problem solving.

Michela’s passion and understanding for the business led her to selecting a team of Italian consultants in commerce with a wealth of inter-disciplinary knowledge and the flexibility required to change with the times.

Michela and her team have a deep insight into the issues that can arise when working with China. Easy China offers ideas and concrete support to those who wish to start or strengthen their business with China.

Michela Bronzatti

Michaela Bronzatti graduated with honours from faculty of Chinese Language and Civilisation at La Sapienza University in Rome and went on to study at the Beijing Foreign Study University where she perfected her language skills and knowledge of the Chinese culture.

As soon as she graduated, her passion for Asia pushed her to move to China where she began working with the Italian Chamber of Commerce then moved to the General Consulate of Italy in Canton.

From this moment, Michela’s life became a succession of work experience and travels throughout Asia, developing a strong sense of awareness surrounding the Chinese culture and also her managerial and organizational skills that is the cornerstone of Easy China, founded by Michela in 2019.

Easy China, a business consultancy agency, created to simplify and streamline the increasingly present economic exchanges between Italy and China.

Gianni Padrin

Gianni Padrin boasts over thirty years of experience in the field of injection moulding production and moulding of plastic materials.
One could say he was born into the business, as he grew-up in his family run MMT Company in which he later joined on the Board of Directors.

From 1978 to present day, his experience in the sector has gone from strength to strength; covering a range of various sectors and collaborating with prestigious companies such as Kärcher, Interpump, BMW, Mercedes, Gartek, Rizoma, Corti zootecnici etc.

Forward thinking and confident in his skills, today Gianni is the founder of a second company, 2G srl and technical director and consultant for moulds and plastic moulding for Gedy spa and Easy China.


Gianni and Michela, already firm collaborators, decide to embark on a new enterprise together: Gianni becomes Technical Director of Easy China.


In addition to running his own company, Gianni joins Gedy spa as Technical Director and consultant.


With the advent of China as a new world power, Gianni decides to found a new company for the production of moulds and moulding of plastic materials in close collaboration with China.


Gianni joins the Board of Directors of MMT: his family run business producing moulds and moulding of plastic materials.


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